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In order to keep romance alive and promote intimacy in your marriage, there are several ways you should know how to express your feelings towards your spouse. There are certainly times when you want to invest a lot of time and energy in a project that shows your love for your spouse to a great extent, e.g. For example, planning a surprise birthday party with family and friends or a new deck that you can spend several weekends building.

But it is also important that you know a number of small gestures that you can often use to convey loving feelings. Small expressions of love and appreciation add up over time and can help keep your relationship shiny and shiny.

Here are fifteen ways to say “I love you” that you can easily implement even during a busy week:

1. Blow your spouse a kiss as you walk around the room. Smile and make your eyes sparkle mischievously. You could be silent or say something like “catch!” or “This is for you!”

2. Surprise your spouse by kissing the back of his neck while sitting in a low-back chair that gives you easy access to his neck, e.g. B. a dining chair or a computer chair. (For an additional reaction, you could lick his neck with your tongue once or twice after kissing him.)

3. Give her (or him) a short neck and shoulder massage.

4. Leave a sweet message in his (or her) voicemail.

5. Send a short but sweet email. (Don’t send your spouse a sexually explicit email at work. Save it for his or her personal email account.)

6. Write a note with a sentence that describes a particular trait or trait that you love about your spouse, such as: B. “I love your beautiful blue eyes that remind me of the sea.” Or you could write, “I love your fabulous shoulder muscles that make you look so strong and sexy.” Place this note in your spouse’s purse, lunch, or briefcase, or on his (or her) pillow.

7. Give your spouse a long, wet kiss, accompanied by a full body hug. (Many relationship gurus advocate that couples do this at least once a day.)

8. Hug your spouse and scratch your back at the same time. If you’re lucky, your spouse will also scratch your back while scratching hers.

9. Compliment your spouse. Be exactly like, “You look great in this new sweater – I love how that color looks on you!”

10. Tell your spouse what you (or they) appreciate. For example, you could say, “I really appreciate how hard you work to make extra income” or “You are a great father – always so patient with the kids!”

11. When you are in the grocery store, get something special for your spouse – a favorite candy bar, a selected piece of fruit, a small plant, a long-stemmed rose, a special cheese, a festive balloon, etc. When you get home, you say : “I bought something special just for you because you are so special.” Or wait until later and leave the article with a note “I love you” that she (or he) can find.

12. Look for a small act or task that your spouse can do to make their life easier. For example, without asking, Lee often empties the trash in my office for me when he sees that it is full. Or I offer to make a call for him to save him time on a busy day. These types of gestures say, “I love you and I want to show you that I care.”

13. The next time you need to buy someone’s birthday card, buy five or six cards that your spouse wants. They can be romantic cards, cards that think of you, or funny cards. E-mail your spouse once or twice a week to arrive at the office or home, or leave a card in the car in the driver’s seat or any other place he (or she) can find.

14. If you get takeaway food containers in a restaurant, secretly take your spouse’s container out of the fridge and decorate it later. You could draw two hearts associated with your names on the hearts and write “I love you” on their (or his) box.

15. Look for poems or lyrics that you can give your spouse to communicate your loving feelings. Check out the large selection of love song lyrics at Just print out some of your favorites (use special paper to make them even more special) and hold them back, ready to pull out, and give your spouse a note that reads, “This expresses how I feel about you . “

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