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Varier Gravity Chair – Defy gravity with absolute comfort – Great office chair

Reinventing the chair is a good idea if posture and well-being are to be improved. A well thought-out seating concept is not limited to securing your back and buttocks, but rejuvenates the entire body and mind. Here the Varier Gravity Chair delivers, while many others are neglected. The science of ergonomics has taught us that the things we use every day can work to our disadvantage. The normal upright chair, for example, can indeed be harmful to your health.

Defy gravity

With the Varier Gravity Chair, your body can defy gravity and relieve the pressure that you would otherwise experience with a normal home or office chair. This chair takes care of the entire body, from the head, shoulders, back, arms and legs. It is so much more than a deck chair. It is highly adjustable and allows you to sit upright, sit back and even raise your legs over your chest to promote proper blood flow. It is contoured to provide maximum support for the neck, spine and extremities.

Help for homeworkers

The growth of home offices has contributed to the growing demand for ergonomically correct chairs. If you work from home, you are not bound to regulated working hours in a formal office environment. Sometimes people who work from home are involved in the project they are doing and sometimes forget to rest and recharge. With the Varier Gravity Chair, the worker can work in various comfortable positions without straining his body. You can also relax without getting up by simply repositioning yourself for a nap.

The Varier Gravity Chair has also made waves in the office environment. Entrepreneurs have now become aware of the importance of ensuring the comfort and safety of their employees in their own work areas while improving their work performance. The quality of the Power Nap that the Varier Gravity Chair offers not only increases energy, but also extends the productive hours of employees by pumping up their work juices.

Personal or business use

If you take care of your health and that of your loved ones, you cannot go wrong with the Varier Gravity Chair. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to keep energetic and productive employees, you should invest in this piece of office furniture.

Upholster office chairs and the benefits – The Best office chair

The re-upholstery process itself can be straightforward if you follow some standard steps. Furniture upholstery comes with various procedures that must be followed to properly complete the entire process, and they offer many advantages. The upholstery revives old furniture.

Furniture upholsterers often use the following procedures when reupholstering office chairs:

  1. First the chair is taken apart.

  2. The frame can be painted if necessary.

  3. The new fabric has to be measured, cut and ironed.

  4. The fabric is stapled.

  5. The chair can be reassembled.

  6. The office chair can now be admired.

Furniture upholstery can make amazing changes to old and outdated office furniture.

Considering re-upholstering your office furniture can make your decision-making a little easier. Here are the many advantages of furniture upholstery.

  • This is an inexpensive solution since furniture upholstery saves money. Restoring office furniture is often cheaper than buying new furniture. This depends on the overall condition of the piece of furniture. It is advisable to compare prices before making decisions. The cost of re-upholstering an existing piece of furniture compared to buying a new one can make a big difference.

  • You have more control over the design and colors. Every office has its own style. The upholstery of the current furniture enables better control over the entire result of the process. The style of the office can be kept consistent if the right design, fabric and colors are woven into it.

  • Environmental information comes into play. It is sensible to include environmental friendliness in the benefits of reupholstering old furniture. Storing old furniture reduces waste on the landfills on our planet.

  • It creates a new office atmosphere. Office upholstery can create an appealing new office atmosphere. Refreshing an entire office can be done with careful color matching, high quality fabrics and the use of professional upholstery.

The decision about the new upholstery offers further advantages. The four advantages listed are just one example of the reasons. Commercial upholstery is therefore an emerging trend that enables companies to expand their creativity. Quality and colorful fabrics breathe new life into the workplace. They can also integrate comfort and beauty into the office. People spend a lot of time in the office and re-upholstering office furniture creates a positive atmosphere in every office. Feel free to get creative with upholstery.

Aeron Chair story – Great office chair

The Aeron Chair is a specially developed office chair that is known to be both convenient to use and long-term beneficial to the posture and health of the user. The Aeron Chair was designed back in 1994 when Herman Miller signed Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf to create a breakthrough chair in the same league as the Equa Chair, another popular creation by the two employees. The two designers, based mainly on their ideals of what a chair should be for a user, started from scratch and developed an excellent ergonomic chair that performs well in both form and function. This time, the collaboration between the two designers resulted in a chair that not only looked great and unique, but also took care of the health of the user, and all of that beyond its main function of providing seating. The chair is currently being marketed by Herman Miller and is specifically designed for general office and computer use, as well as for meetings and conferences.

The main offering of the Aeron Chair that sets it apart from other office chairs is its design. The chair has a special ergonomic design that offers the user an excellent fit. There are three different fits for different users, from small to larger. The chair can even be adjusted to provide additional support for the lumbar spine and posture, especially with its PostureFit system. Apart from that, a strong suspension system called Pellicle is used, which reduces the weight in the lower back area. The pellicle system enables this by using a flexible mesh material that conforms to and adapts to the shape and structure of the user, so that the pressure on the impact areas is minimized. An additional advantage of the pellicle system is that the material used in the chair is a mesh material, which means that air can pass through it. The user not only feels very comfortable in terms of posture, but also stays cool after sitting in the chair for hours.

Another great feature of the chair is that it leans naturally so that the user can enjoy a smooth ride. This tilting movement is even called Kinemat tilt. The focus of this tendency is to ensure that the user can easily lean back and lean forward. To ensure comfort, the seat shell and the backrest move synchronously to ensure that all important areas are well protected. The chair was also designed to react independently to the movements and posture of the user.

In addition, the Aeron Chair is known for its classic but modern appearance, which gives it an appearance that fits easily into any office environment. The chair is also available in three neutral pellicle colors to ensure you get the best chair for your office. Apart from that, it has different surfaces for the base and frame, so you can find the perfect surface for the pellicle color you choose.

Illuminate your office space intelligently – Awesome office chair

When designing your office, your main focus is always on the interior, the furniture and other specific aspects. In any case, lighting is always the least affected, and we need to be aware that lighting in the office is just as important.

The best quality of light is daylight. Of course, it varies during the day to provide visual delight and accurately reproduce colors. This is also the cheapest way to illuminate a work place.

Unfortunately, for most of us in today’s urban life with all the skyscrapers around us, it is not possible to have access to plenty of daylight in our work environment.

When daylight is scarce or not available, the quality of the artificial lighting system becomes an essential factor in defining the overall quality and comfort that a user / employee will experience in the room.

It is therefore important that the artificial lighting is carefully designed to complement the available daylight and to ensure that the right quality and quantity of light is provided in the right place and at the right time all day.

The effect of natural light

Nothing can beat nature. Open areas are ideal for letting more daylight out of the windows. For example, the installation of glass walls for dividing cabins / offices instead of dry walls enables a more natural light flow.

As a result, the use of artificial light is significantly reduced during the day, which leads to lower energy consumption and further reduces costs.

If possible, installing skylights is another way to bring more natural light into your office. And, of course, lots of natural light in your office keeps you energetic and alert enough that you don’t have to long for lunch after lunch!

The lighter the better

As already mentioned, there is no comparison with nature, but unfortunately the natural resources are limited and must be used optimally to best meet the requirements of the hour. Artificial light in your office is better than insufficient lighting.

So think about how bright your office should be and how you can reach it. You can plan a lighting scheme that brightens the office by installing a decent number of lights or placing them to illuminate desks.

Make sure you know how bright different lights get and where they emit their light. The more dimmer lights there are, the more you need to install, while bright lights cover more space.

Natural and artificial can go hand in hand

There is no doubt that natural light is always better than artificial light in terms of morale, energy and stress, but you cannot avoid using the latter in offices. Your best option is to combine and use both.

Make windows your main source and complement them with lighting fixtures.

You need to make sure that the light from the windows can move throughout the room. This requires strategic planning so that even on one of those cloudy and rainy days, where the sun is nowhere to be seen and everything is gray and dark, there is enough light at your work place to continue and keep your work appointments without hurdles of lighting.

Rethink the colors of your walls and interiors

The two obvious light sources are windows and lights, but you can use these two and always let the reflection work in your favor.

Lighter shades reflect more light than dark shades. So if you paint your walls in white or pale colors, the room will appear brighter than in darker tones. Like an office area that is far from windows or darker than the other rooms, it can be painted with a light color to bring some light into this area.

Use decor

Another option could be the use of metallic surfaces; and mirrors also reflect light so they can be used to further brighten your office and add a stylistic statement. In addition, they look decorative and appealing.

And don’t forget that your employees can take a look at themselves every time they pass this mirror.

Don’t forget the task lighting

This is also a very important factor when planning the lighting scheme for your office space. So far, our ideas have helped brighten up your office as a whole, but lighting up tasks is also important.

So what does task lighting mean?

Work lighting refers to luminaires that provide concentrated light in a specific area so that employees can clearly see what they are doing.

Don’t overlook this type of lighting when planning your office, as these work lights can be very useful when an employee has to stay behind after normal working hours.

The work lamp is enough to be switched on instead of switching on the entire office lamp.

A bright, illuminated office not only makes it easier for employees to see, but also improves productivity and quality of life. In addition, poor eyesight, fatigue and dullness are always the result of poor lighting. For this reason, the planning of your lighting scheme should go hand in hand with the design of your office layout and the selection of high-quality furniture.

You can save considerable money with office supplies in large quantities – Awesome office chair

When you order office supplies in bulk, there are many benefits that you may not know. There are many advantages to ordering bulk items, and you want to make sure you do it correctly to get the best results. There are many tips you can follow to make the best decisions when ordering supplies.

When you order in bulk, you get everything you need in one fell swoop. If you have relied on your local office supply store, you may find that you travel to this store frequently, which can take up a large part of your day. You can often be interrupted during the day by employees who need things, and this can be an annoyance. If you order your supplies once or twice a month, you can get all the supplies you need, and this can help you focus on other things.

When you order supplies, you may want to do it on purpose. You may be drawn to the many office items available to order things you want instead of needing them. If you make a detailed list, you can stay on the right track, and this can help you not to be distracted by all the amazing office supplies that are out there.

If you are too busy ordering bulk office supplies every month, you may want to have a trustworthy employee to do it for you. This person should know what is used each month and what business requirements are expected for the next month.

You may want to find an online office supply store in bulk, which can save you time and money. If you order your office supplies online, you can have them delivered directly to your company’s door. This can help avoid confusion, and you may want to look for an office supply source that gives you all the supplies you need so you can buy everything from a single source.

Bulk office supplies are the way to go if you need a large amount of supplies every month. You no longer have to worry about your supplies when you find a good online supply store. You may be wondering why it took you so long to find this option, and this may be your new way of getting the supplies you need.

Surprising little home office ideas – Amazing office chair

It doesn’t matter if you work from home or in an office building. Your office is one of the places where you will spend a lot of time. It is a space that you have to be as practical as possible and that you have to like. It is very difficult to work in an office that you hate. If you don’t like it, you may have the option to change it. Here are some ideas.

Small places

If you are trying to create a new study or office space at home and do not have a dedicated space, do not despair. You can use small rooms or corners of rooms that are otherwise not used enough and collect dust. Take a look around and see what options your home offers. Very often people overlook places because they are classified as too small. However, with a few simple color changes, you can make small spaces appear larger. Once you have found the rooms where you want to create an office, you can start working. Check out which furniture you can move or rearrange so that it fits in the room and consider different options for office furniture.

Color palette

Take a look at which colors are currently dominating your office. Maybe it’s time to change it a little. Go brave. Choose your favorite color and use it as an accent color for different parts in the office. Maybe the wall behind your desk is extremely boring. Paint it in your favorite color so that the room not only looks functional but also stylish. If the wall is out of the question because you use it for shelves, a whiteboard or something else, you should use colored accents in other cases – folders, pen holders, notebooks.

Empty corners and light

Do you have only one corner to use? That shouldn’t stop you from creating an office for yourself. Find a desk that matches upcycling materials or makes one your own. One of the most important aspects is how comfortable you are sitting at the desk. So make sure it fits. Make sure the light is adequate and doesn’t strain your eyes as the corners can be quite dark, especially if the window doesn’t provide enough daylight.

Use corners and angles

Perhaps you have an empty corner in your bedroom that could easily become office space? Place a desk against the window and if you get too tired from working you can easily look outside and rest your eyes. If you have a window behind you – make sure the curtains keep enough light to keep you from blinking, but make sure it’s not too dark either.

Make sure your brain sees a bedroom as a relaxation room. So separate the two areas to separate work and rest. You can have modern office space and use softer tones and textures for your bed and bedroom furniture. This way you can easily work there, but then separate the two rooms and not worry about sleeplessness because your brain is still in fifth gear and thinking about work.

Secret rooms

If you don’t want to spoil the rest of the style in the house, mix different styles and textures together. Find furniture that makes you feel comfortable and that matches the rest of the style in your home. A classic desk may not look particularly good in a modern interior. So find something that looks good overall.

If you have little space, see what kind of shelves you can create or use around you. If you have space under the desk and it is out of the way, boxes are a great way to store items. Nowadays you can also get different solutions to hide everything cleanly when you are done. For example, hang a curtain in front of your workstation so that you can hide it from guests and yourself. Otherwise, it could stare at you from its corner.

Your home office becomes a place where you spend a lot of time. So keep it organized. If you need a bit of clutter while you work, organize everything once you’re done. It will give you the satisfaction of a well spent day and it won’t stick out of the rest of the house like an aching thumb.

5 tips for choosing office furniture – Awesome office chair

As your business grows, you also need a good office. And this is not the only thing that should be considered. You also need to choose the best furniture for your office, especially office desks. Below are 5 tips for choosing the best office furniture. Continue reading.

1. Layout vs. size

The desk you choose should fit well, look good, and have enough space for drawers and cabinets. Your employees should be able to walk around comfortably in your room. Take these things into account when buying office furniture.

2. Practicability vs. aesthetics

While aesthetics are important, you may want to attach more importance to the practicality of the furniture. You may want to discuss practicality first and then think about the beauty of the furniture. Functional furniture has indeed proven itself.

So make sure there is enough space on the desk for your files, legs and other things. In addition, the furniture should be able to perform several functions. You may want to put money in a standing or normal desk as needed.

3. Price-performance ratio

Buying the cheapest furniture is easy, but you shouldn’t go this route. What you need to do is do your research and take into account the quality and workmanship of the furniture. In other words, you might just want to buy durable and affordable furniture. Make sure you get good value for money, which is only possible if you prefer quality.

4. Focus on ergonomics

The furniture you choose may look good, but may not have good ergonomics. For example, some desks may be too low or too high. In the same way, some chairs can cause back pain. Back pain is often the result of an incorrect sitting posture and sometimes the poor ergonomic chair.

5. Choose Comfort

Your work area or office should be comfortable. Not focusing on comfort is a big mistake. You may not want to forget that you will be sitting in the chair for hours every day. We therefore recommend that you choose a chair that is comfortable enough.

We are not saying that you should not take into account the look of the chair. Of course, the look is also important, but the most important thing is the comfort of the chair.

Bring away

Buying office furniture is not as easy as you might think. If you make the wrong decision, you end up spending your budget on furniture that is not needed in your office. We therefore recommend that you take your time before making this decision. Alternatively, we recommend that you use the services of a good furniture consultant. You can also consult a good interior designer.

You have to focus on the budget. After all, you don’t want to be fired because you spend too much alone on the furniture.

Tips for choosing carpet chair mats – Great office chair

Many people spend their productive time in the office. Create a good environment to increase the efficiency of the organization. Office chairs are often used in commercial spaces to simplify the work process. The office chair should be ergonomic and comfortable. Chair mats are used on the surface of the office floor to facilitate movement of the chair.

Chair mats have many visible and invisible advantages. When buying, consider a few points that will help you in the long term.

The type of surface

Most flooring manufacturers only extend their warranty if the area is covered with carpets and mats. The office chair can damage the floor due to pressure. For a carpeted office area, choose a mat that sits lightly on the carpet. The protrusions of the mat underneath must not damage the carpet.

Based on the thickness of the carpet, the surface is divided into different types, namely low pile, standard pile, medium pile and plush pile.

  1. Low pile carpet – thickness up to 1/4 “

  2. Standard pile carpet – thickness up to 3/8 “

  3. Medium pile carpet – up to 3/4 “thick

  4. Plush Carpet – Thickness 3/4 “

The thickness of the mat should be proportional to the thickness of the carpet.

The size

The size of the chair mat depends on many things.

The dimensions of the desk should be taken into account. The length of the mat should match the length of the desk so that the user can access his desk. The size of the chair base also affects the choice of mat. They are made in standard sizes. The most common sizes are 36 “x 48”, 45 “x 53”, 46 “x 60”.

Choose a chair mat with beveled edges that allows the user to make a smooth transition.


Choose a chair mat based on the office configuration. They come in different forms.

  • Rectangular mats are typically used near desks, U workstations, L workstations, and corner workplaces.

  • Lip mats go perfectly with Desk & Credenza and U-Workstation configurations.

  • Contoured mats are suitable for L workstation configurations.

  • Square mats are ideal for all configurations.

Material & ergonomics

The vinyl mat is transparent. Opaque chair mats are used to represent or mark an area. Patterned vinyl mats are attractive. In addition to vinyl mats, jute mats are among the most common mats. To remove the static potential, look for the one that absorbs the static current and protects the electronic components.

The ergonomics of the chair mat is an important aspect to avoid injuries caused by repeated stress and fatigue.


Don’t fall victim to market forces. Go through the factors above and make a decision. Online shopping has numerous advantages over conventional shopping. It helps to sort a product by material, price and color. Many shopping sites offer high discounts on chair mats for carpets. Shop on bank holidays and special days to get chair mats at the best prices.

This way you avoid leg pain at work – The Best office chair

Let’s face it, work usually takes up most of the days of most people, with some of us spending up to 12 hours a day sitting. Regardless of whether you work sitting 4 hours a day or 10 hours a day, you have probably experienced some form of discomfort while working. While it can sometimes be expensive to relieve work-related back pain related injuries, as this can usually only be remedied with an ergonomic office chair, leg pain relief is a simpler and less expensive problem.

Do you ever feel like your legs are uncomfortable sitting in your office chair? Maybe they feel heavy, or maybe you feel the irritating feeling that your legs are asleep. This pain can eventually turn into numbness and penetrate your thighs, creating a distracting and uncomfortable work environment. Fortunately, most leg pain that occurs at work can be easily relieved by simply adjusting your current office chair.

Leg pain can be attributed to a number of different factors related to your office chair. For this reason, it is important to determine which factors affect your circumstances. The first common culprit may be that your chair is not set at the correct height for your legs. This is a common problem that occurs with smaller or larger people. However, it can affect anyone whose chair height is not set correctly. You should be able to keep your feet firmly on the floor or on a footrest with your knees bent at a 90 ° angle. If your chair cannot be properly adjusted to you, you should look for a small office chair when you are smaller, or a large and tall office chair when you are taller. These special chairs have been specially developed for users who do not fit into the typical shape of an office chair. Higher quality and more ergonomic manufacturers offer alternative size gas lifts so that users who find that a standard gas lift is not advisable for them can get the correct seat height adjustment.

To determine the seat height you need to sit comfortably without having leg pain, you need to take some simple measurements. First measure from the floor to the inside of your knee without shoes. After this measurement, check whether your chair moves slightly up or down from the floor to the top of the seat. If your chair can reach this height, you should be able to find your ideal setting. If your chair is too short or too high, you should buy another office chair that allows this height adjustment.

If you still feel the pain persist after adjusting your seat height, other culprits may be insufficient seat depth or poor quality foam on the seat cushion. The depth of the seat is critical as it determines how much coverage your thighs get when you sit. A chair with a seat depth that is too short does not provide the support needed to sit comfortably for hours. If a seat depth is too long, this can interrupt the blood flow to your legs and protrude into the back of your kneecaps. You may also race forward and sit in an unnatural position, causing back pain. If your seat depth is not where you need it and you don’t have a slider to pull your seat out when a longer depth is required, you may only be able to buy a new office chair. The same applies to a cheap office chair, the seat foam of which has been flattened or deteriorated through use.

If you find that you are in the market for a new chair, make sure you measure the measurements above to make sure your chair meets your needs. Most online retailers provide all of the information needed to ensure that you are choosing the right chair, including the depth and height of the chair. If you cannot find this information, be sure to ask a customer service representative before ordering. When trying to determine the quality of a chair’s foam, the manufacturer’s warranty is a good place to start. Most high-quality manufacturers have at least 5 years warranty on the seat foam of their chair. Above all, make sure that you are not sitting on a stuck chair, such as a dining room chair or a meeting chair, as you not only have leg pain, but also back pain.

An ergonomic workstation to avoid back pain – Awesome office chair

Back pain is an everyday problem and affects almost every one of us. One way to avoid or overcome back pain is to maintain the recommended posture in daily activities.

Just like at home, while driving, or even outdoors, you have to try to make sure that he maintains the correct posture in his office or at work. Sitting in the office chair for a long time is one of the main reasons that lead to back pain or even worsen the existing back pain. This is mainly because someone sitting on the office chair takes a static posture and this can cause stress in the back, legs, shoulders and arms.

So when you are sitting on the office chair it is advisable to maintain the correct posture, and the same can do a great deal to prevent back pain. People sometimes tend to sit down in the office chair, but this can put excessive strain on the intervertebral discs and structures that surround the spine, and worsen back pain accordingly.

So if you use the office chair, you have to make sure that you use the back support optimally. And you have to adapt the chair to your own body requirements, as this not only increases comfort, but also ensures that the spine is less uncomfortable.

This could start with the office chair being adjusted to the correct height, and this would largely depend on the size of a person and also the height of the desk. You have to adjust the height of the office chair so that you are sitting at your workplace with your arms parallel to the spine. The elbow should rest on the desk at an angle of 90 °. Likewise, when sitting at a desk, you have to be able to slide your fingers lightly under your thighs. If this is not the case, a footrest could be used, which makes the workstation more ergonomic. Alternatively, if you are exceptionally tall and there is more than a finger gap between your thighs and the chair, you need to increase the height of the chair to make the appropriate adjustments.

Supporting the lower back is also extremely important to ensure that you feel comfortable in the office chair and to avoid back pain accordingly. You could keep a pillow to support your lower back, and while this would slightly bend your lower back, it would also ensure that you don’t lean forward if you feel tired over time. Leaning forward can cause back pain as it puts strain on the spine and even the intervertebral discs.

The computer screen should also be positioned so that your gaze falls exactly on the center of the screen. This would minimize back strain. Likewise, the armrest of the office chair should be adjusted so that you should lift your shoulders slightly when you put your elbows on the armrest. While this would make your upper back more comfortable, it would also reduce the likelihood of you leaning forward when working at your desk.

Even if you use a very comfortable office chair, sitting in the same position for a long time can strain the spine. It is always better to run at least a few minutes every half hour. If you could take a 20-minute walk every now and then, it would bring the important nutrients into your spine and promote better spinal health.