Characteristics of a good office chair

With today’s technology, many people spend most of their working hours behind a desk in an uncomfortable office chair. As a result of this office lifestyle, more and more people are becoming overweight, out of shape and developing other health problems.

While a sedentary lifestyle in itself causes health problems, an uncomfortable office chair creates a whole new arena of problems. Hours and hours in an uncomfortable chair cause back problems, neck pain and only general body pain due to poor posture.

Below are guidelines that can help you choose the right office chair to reduce body aches, stiffness, and pain.

Buying an office chair is like buying a car. Would you buy a car without testing it? The same applies to the selection of your chair, you have to sit and feel. Just like with your car, you want comfort here too. You will spend many hours in your car to commute, shop and shop. The same philosophy applies to your office furniture. You will spend many hours in this chair, so choose carefully.

Below are guidelines on what to look for when buying your next office chair.

Back support

Your new chair should provide adequate back support. The back of the chair must also be adjustable so that it fits your back properly. The back of the chair should stay the same as you move and lean back in your chair. A good office chair with good back support improves your posture and therefore eliminates or reduces back pain and stiffness. Choosing an office chair without proper back support can cause back problems that can stay with you your whole life.


The upholstery and the design of the seat must be taken into account. The front of the seat should have a rounded edge. A straight horizontal forehead interrupts the blood flow to the back of the knees. A good tip is that you should be able to slide your fingers between the inside of your legs and the front edge of the seat.

Seat width and armrests

You have to adapt to the chair. If you have to sneak into the chair, it doesn’t fit, no matter how comfortable it appears to be sitting. There should be space between the armrests and your body. In addition, the armrests must interact with the desk. A good office chair has adjustable armrests. What are armrests for when they are unusable or uncomfortable to use? High-quality armrests can help with tasks such as reading and writing and reduce pressure and tension in the neck and shoulders.

Height settings

Not all people are the same size; Therefore your office chair should have a height adjustment. The specifications for adjusting your office chair and promoting good posture are as follows: your thighs must be horizontal to the floor while both feet are on the floor, and your wrists must be straight when typing

If you can’t find an office chair height that does the above two functions, you may want to find a way to change the height of your keyboard so that you can keep your wrists straight as you type.The body is properly aligned with the chair and the floor.


Your chair should be stable. Your chair that leans when you are there is not funny. Serious and permanent injuries can occur. Look for a swivel chair on wheels and a five-point base that won’t tip over your head when you lean back.

So take your time to buy your new office furniture and take this item with you. When you have selected your new office chair, make sure that it offers all of the above functions. As mentioned earlier, a good office chair improves posture and eliminates pain.

Recycle your old office chair casters

Some chairs are comfortable and the wheels squeak when they move, others move like a magic carpet, but they are like sitting on a bed of nails. It seems that the two situations rarely meet naturally to create either the perfect office chair or a torture device designed in medieval times for the Inquisition. As older chairs are replaced with newer ones and before the old ones are thrown away, take and recycle these office chair casters and maybe create your perfect chair by yourself.

Product ranges are growing faster and it seems that some of the quality has disappeared from new products and office chairs are no exception. This particularly applies to casters. Older models of chairs had solidly designed wheels that were to last.

By saving and recycling the old office chair caster, you may find that the new chair gives more life. If the wheels don’t wear out as quickly, people will tend to use it longer. There is nothing worse than a squeaky chair in a quiet office.

This rule does not only concern office chairs, but all office furniture on casters. Each solidly constructed assembly can easily be used to replace a newer but lower one for a longer service life. Mail carts will make less noise in the hallway and the videoconferencing cart will not take two people to move because a launcher will not function properly.

Registering the old office chair casters and making sure everyone knows you’ve done this will help all employees get the chair they want without all the forms and purchase orders needed for a new one. All the pieces are there, just take a little time to move the pieces and one or two more chairs will have been saved. This type of chair recycling benefits everyone.

It’s a way to save some money and make better use of your existing office furniture. Recycling is an integral part of our daily life at home. There is no reason why our workplace cannot benefit from it as well.

Tips To Buy The Best Armless Office Chair For Your Employees

Sit for a long time in the office chair with your hands may be the norm and the way that is liked to sit in most of the workplace around the world. Ask your colleagues or friends if they would prefer a seat with a armrest and most of them might answer yes. Although many people prefer to sit on a chair with a armrest, there are also many people who choose to sit on the chair without a gun. Office chairs have many advantages that office chairs don’t offer, making it a great alternative to your office chair.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of buying an office chair sleeveless over an armchair is the discount on the price you will receive. The no-gun seat will always be cheaper than a seat with armrests, as the cost of adding sleeves to the seat always increases the price. Equipping your desk with a sleeveless seat on a chair is a decent choice for those who have a limited budget, as it will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. The armrests were one of the first parts broken in the office chair due to repeated pressure given to him over the lifetime of the seat. If your seat is still under warranty when the part is damaged, it may take a long time to order replacement parts; Sometimes the process of receiving new parts can take several weeks since the request is submitted to the factory. If your seat is not under warranty, you will need to buy a new seat that adds a cost that can be saved if you buy an office seat without a gun.

The no-gun seat also has a smaller footprint, making it a great space saver. Often, when the office chair has an arm, the chair may not fit beneath your desk, which can make it harder for you to return your seat if it’s not working in your workplace. Should measure your table height and find the right size of the chair, the arm and height of the chair can be boring and difficult. Buying an office chair without a gun eliminates this problem with its ability to get in on almost any workstation or office without having to worry about doing the right measurements.

Many times during work, you may find that the armrests in your seat are hindering. Whether you are sitting in a chair or standing for rest, armrests always tend to interfere. If your workstation is ergonomically configured to have a keyboard tray installed under your desk, having a seat with armrests can be more troublesome when trying to find a way to put it underneath your desk tray and keyboard. Having an in-seat armrest will also reap the ergonomic benefits of using the keyboard tray as it will cause you to type in an unnatural position that will tiring your wrist. Sliding into the seat without a gun is easy, and getting in and out of your seat will not look like a task. Reaching objects near or on your desk will also be much easier without laying hands in between.

If you’re not sure whether to buy a no-gun seat for the first time, rest assured that most seats allow you to take off your armrest later on your liking. Most office seats purchased from Internet resellers are shipped unassembled, so you can decide if you need a armrest during the assembly process. If you choose to install a armrest and later on you would rather sit in the office chair without sleeves, the arm can be easily removed for maximum flexibility. The only time is impossible to release the arm from the office chair is if the arm is part of the frame and the overall design of the chair, which is a rare feature.

Sitting in an office chair without guns takes time to get used to and takes a few weeks to feel really comfortable. If you are considering switching but are still not sure if you will be thrilled with the office chair without a new weapon, consider releasing the arm from your current seat to test the taste. This will give you a free deciding for your decision to buy a seat without a new weapon by eliminating the possibility of having to flip the seat because you are uncomfortable with the absence of weapons.

Whether you are considering buying a no-gun office chair for Price, convenience, space savings, flexibility, or ergonomic use, there are some risks associated with purchasing and many benefits that can be gained.

How to get rid of stains on your office chair?

Office chairs are often misused. You can easily get and accumulate dirt, dust, coffee stains and even sweat stains. Keep in mind that the current work chair is not cheap. If you don’t want to spend money on a new work chair, you have to keep your seat current clean and well maintained.

If there is stain, clean it immediately. Here are some tips for doing so:

Tip 1: Sweat stains can be eliminated with vinegar. Push your seat to the cleaning area. Mix a cup of white distilled vinegar and a cup of warm water. To apply the solution evenly, put it in a spray bottle. Spray in all areas of the cloth stained upholstery. Let the acid in the vinegar work to remove sweat stains. It usually takes about an hour to complete this task.

After an hour, remove the fill of the spray bottle and fill it with water. Sprinkle water in the chair but do not fully soak the foam. Simply spray enough to remove some residue from the solution. Leave your chair in a nice warm room to be completely dry.

Tip 2: Vinegar tends to leave a constant smell on furniture. You can replace it with lemon juice. Citric acid works by dissolving sweat and food stains. Coffee stains can also be eliminated with this natural cleanser. You may want to use lemon as a substitute for other citric acid because of its lighter color. Mix a cup of lemon juice with a cup of water and insert the solution into the spray bottle.

Spray the solution on the stained area of the chair. Let it dry before using it again. The spots will disappear after an hour and your seat will smell fresh and clean.

Tip 3: Try using milk to remove ink stains if you accidentally spill ink on it. Milk contains lactic acid, which removes ink from upholstery foam fibers. Treat the stained areas with milk. After an hour, use an absorbent cloth to absorb excess moisture and remove stains. Do this until the spots disappear completely. Spray the area with clean water and leave it completely dry before using it again.

If you want to avoid smudges on your work chair, you can try installing a chair cover. Waterproof seat casing can repel liquids. This will make your cleanup work a little easier.

Choosing an office chair for Low back pain

Ways to find an office chair for back pain today can be very difficult. You have an office chair for back pain designed for your comfort. So, how do you know which one to choose. Keep reading this article to know more!

You know, I suffer from back pain, knee problems, and neck problems. And at the same time, one of the things I do for a living is to run an Internet business which means I have to sit at the table for quite a long time every day.

So, if you take the fact that I have all these bodily problems and associate it with what I do to live, you can almost see that having a VERY comfortable office chair is a must!

So what do I do? Well, I did what most of us would do. I am looking for the best brand office chair that has all kinds of fancy advertising, all kinds of bells and whistles in the chair, etc.

The seats I selected cost just under $199.

I took the Chair home, drove it, sat there for about an hour and I ALWAYS felt uncomfortable. What is BLEEP?

Unfortunately, I can not return the chair because, believe it or not, it is being sold!

So I ended up keeping my chair and my wife using it from time to time, and I ended up using my original office chair, but I got one of these therapeutic pillows to help comfort.

BTW, I’m writing this article now on the couch with my laptop, so you can imagine what happened to my old chair or therapy Pillow setting (laughs).

About a week ago, I went with my mom to the car repair shop (to make sure they didn’t try to take advantage of it!) To improve his vehicle. We decided to wait until the vehicle was repaired, and this repair (replacement cooling hose) would take quite a while. So we sat in the waiting room in the office chairs that were left for about 3 and a half hours while we waited for the improvement to finish.

Remember how I said I have all these body problems and I feel uncomfortable sitting in the office chair for a long time? Guess what? I didn’t feel embarrassed the whole time we sat there! Guess what else? The office chair they have in the waiting room is $45 office chair from the local office equipment store!

Again, what is BLEEP?

Here I spent about $199 for a chair that made me uncomfortable in an hour, then I would sit in a $45 chair that I feel comfortable for 3 1/2 hours?

Do you know what it shows me about choosing an office chair for a waist ache? You shouldn’t be looking for a popular, because it is popular. High prices and brand recognition IS NOT an indicator of office chair effectiveness for lower back.

And this point became a reality for me with an office chair for a waist ache. I don’t spend hundreds of dollars to buy office chairs for the popular waist ache where I have to keep spending hundreds of dollars on food packaged and processed. I spent around $45 buying office chairs for a VERY effective waist ache that helped me lose 52 pounds in 8 weeks naturally, easily, permanently, and eat NORMAL food!

In the end, when choosing an office chair for back pain, I suggest you base your decision on the office chair for a back pain that is 100% natural, effective, safe and will give you permanent and significant results, rather than base your decision on what is popular or expensive. As you read above, choosing an office chair can certainly give you an amazing experience.