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Suzuki Blizzard Concept makes its debut at the Utah International Auto Expo 2007 – Great gaming chairs

The Blizzard concept vehicle was developed as part of the “Suzuki LIVE series” from 2007. This is a series of brand-related concept vehicles that have been specially developed for life enthusiasts, adventurers, thrill seekers and for those whose active lifestyle is focused on snow sports. The Blizzard Grand Vitara offers the following functions:

o 2.7 liter Suzuki turbo engine

o Custom rack system with backlit board mounts

o Roof rack camera for snow equipment

o Snow tires with spikes

o Lotlift (tailgate, chairlift style seat to switch equipment on and off)

o Built-in glove and boot warmer

o Internet access to check the snow conditions

o Interior color / material scheme of snowboard equipment

Ventilated storage room for wet equipment (in the rear hold)

o Dockable iPod (TM) station in the rear area

o Video and game system in the car

Brand new 2007 Suzuki SX4

The 2007 Suzuki SX4 Compact Sport Crossover was named “Best Keeped Secret of 2007” by Autobytel. The SX4 is designed for people who love outdoor adventures. It stands for Sport X-over for 4 seasons. It has an attractive five-door hatchback design, a sophisticated standard all-wheel drive system, excellent stability and clear driving characteristics.

The SX4 was built in Japan and is only equipped with top-class Suzuki body parts. It has a sophisticated 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder DOHC engine with 16 valves and an output of 143 hp. The SX4 is equipped with intelligent all-wheel drive (i-AWD) as standard.

Standard functions of the SX4:

o Six airbags

o All-wheel drive ABS with EBD


o Belt tensioners

o window regulator

o Locks and mirrors

o Remote keyless entry

o air conditioning

o AM / FM / CD / MP3 audio system with four speakers

o Title steering wheel

o 16-inch alloy wheels

o Black roof rails

o Daytime running lights

o Fender flares and silver bumper protection

The SX4 is available in two versions: SX4 and SX4 Sport. The SX4 is available with the convenience package, which includes cruise control, a leather steering wheel and audio controls mounted on the steering wheel. On the other hand, the SX4 Sport includes: TCS and ESP, automatic temperature control, cruise control, leather steering wheel and audio controls mounted on the steering wheel, premium audio with CD changer with six CDs and nine speakers (including subwoofer); silver-colored roof rails and SmartPass keyless entry and start system.

Other Suzuki vehicles to be unveiled at the Utah International Auto Expo 2007 include: the brand new 2007 Suzuki XL7, the 2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara, the Suzuki Forenza Sedan and the Forenza Wagon, the 2007 Suzuki Reno and the 2007 Suzuki Aerio.

Eye for design – game review, download, tips and tricks – Great gaming chairs

Let’s take a look at a new eye for design game today – the latest title developed by Techfront and published by Sandlot Games.

When you talk about the task, you want to help Halle – a young talented designer who has just graduated from the design academy to fill all of the moods of her customers and get to the top of the business.

Similar to many design games, Eye for Design offers funny cartoon graphics and an amusing soundtrack. In addition, this game will introduce you to a number of beautiful characters. Just like in other games developed by Sandlot, all types of customers are portrayed very realistically and ironically (they will design an interior for students obsessed with video games, hippies who can’t stand anything new and fashionable, cowboys, Adams-like families, etc.) . ).

Basically, your job is to place pieces of furniture from the mandatory and optional lists in the available places in a room. However, there are a few things to remember:

1. Every customer has their moods. Some of your customers want “oldie” or cowboy style furniture, even though they look ugly. But as you know, a customer is always right. Therefore, choose an interior element in cowboy style from all available furniture. Just like in Wedding Dash, you need to carefully read your customers’ wishes at the beginning of each level.

2. There are 3 types of goals for you. You must achieve the required goals by adding the pieces of furniture highlighted in orange to your list. These are mandatory elements that are required to achieve the minimum score. Optional items are highlighted in blue. You will increase your score significantly. And the third – hidden goal is what you achieve when you meet customer needs.

3. If you receive a silver trophy for every room in the house, unlock a bonus round in which you can decorate the room to your heart’s content.

4. Colors. You can change the colors of the furniture, but you need to be very careful with the palette. Try to choose two colors that complement each other and look good together. Use them for the furniture for a better score. Don’t stick to a solid color and don’t make the furniture too colorful.

5. Start by furnishing the most useful items (like a bed for a bedroom, a dining table for a kitchen). Once you’ve placed them properly, you’ll see the logic of the interior: a bedside table passes the bed, a TV should be in front of a couch or chairs, a chair should be next to a desk, etc.)

6. Even if you have scored enough points to go to the next room in the house, click on the Accessories tab and decorate the room with additional pictures, mirrors, carpets, lamps, etc. You will never decrease your score. Pay attention to the wishes of your customers while you furnish the room.

When I talk about the disadvantages of the game, I would admit its somewhat repetitive background melody.

And as always, I appreciate the titles that connect different game mechanics (not just puzzles for placing objects). It would be nice to see some mini-puzzles like point-and-click or hidden objects in the game.

The pros and cons of staying at the Atlantis Resort – Awesome gaming chairs

The Atlantis is the largest resort in the Caribbean. The entire decor of the Atlantis is based on the legendary lost city and conveys the feeling of being in a long forgotten city. But the Atlantis is far from being forgotten, it is the largest resort and also the most crowded with almost millions of people checking in every year. With six hotels of different stature, the Atlantis can be a confusing mess to think about first. The Atlantis is located on Paradise Island (the island north of Nassau) and is likely to occupy 70 to 80 percent of the island. If you’ve ever thought of staying there, this guide is for you. Here you will find a description of the individual hotels, all sights and the advantages and disadvantages of staying in this fantastic resort.


With six different accommodations, the Atlantis has something you will love. From high quality luxury hotel rooms that cost nearly $ 25,000 a night to average rooms for $ 150 to $ 400, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect hotel for you.

  1. The Bay – The bay is the luxury tower located next to the reef. Because of its luxurious features, it is the most expensive tower to stay in. The water park, spa and pretty much everything else are a short walk from this tower. It has its own adult-only pool with an outdoor play pavilion. The rooms range from deluxe suites and regular ocean suites to azure and sapphire suites to presidential suites and penthouse suites.
  2. The reef – The Reef offers luxurious studios and suites in the style of living, in which vacationers feel at home. It is located next to The Cove and is a short walk from every attraction. This luxury suite is perfect for families and includes studio rooms, suites and penthouses.
  3. The royal towers – These iconic towers in the center of the island are what the Atlantis Resort is known for. It is centrally located compared to all sights. They are more expensive than other towers depending on which room you book. It includes guest rooms, royal suites, large suits, presidential suits, the royal suites and the bridge suite.
  4. The coral tours – The coral towers are to the right of the royal towers and are a short walk from the pools and water parks. They are cheaper than the royal towers and priced in the middle of the street. These include guest rooms, royal suites, governor suites and presidential suites.
  5. Harborside Resort – For those who want to live in a home-style apartment, there are villas at the harbor. It’s on the other side of the harbor, so you’ll need to take a shuttle to enjoy the many things the Atlantis has to offer. It includes one, two and three bedroom villas. Each villa has its own kitchen, where you feel at home.
  6. The beach tower – This tower is the cheapest of all other resorts. It’s on the far right of the entire resort. It is located next to the Atlantis Theater. It includes a shuttle to all other towers and areas and only guest rooms.


When you just talk about the sheer size of the Atlantis and the ridiculous amount of hotel options that you offer, you wonder what kind of accommodation the resort itself offers when it is that big? The Atlantis is known for its special accommodations that satisfy the needs of young and old. The list of things to do goes on and on, and no matter how many times you’ve been there, you probably still haven’t seen it all.

General activities – Visit the beach. The Atlantis Resort has several beaches that are known as the best in the world. In addition, the water park that the Atlantis offers includes a kilometer-long hose adventure, nine water slides and eleven pools. Only these alone cannot be surpassed by any other resort in the world.

For children / family activities – There are literally hundreds of child-centered activities that your family is sure to love, starting with Dolphin Cay. In Dolphin Cay, you and your kids can actually swim and interact with hundreds of different animal species. You can swim with dolphins, sea lions, stingrays and much more. If you like snorkeling, you can actually swim with fish in the tanks of their huge aquarium. The aquarium is available to all guests and offers hundreds of thousands of exotic fish.

For adults – The Atlantis is not everything for children. There are daily activities that ensure that your stay at Atlantis is fun. A very popular activity for adults is visiting Cain at the Cove. This is an adult-only all-access pool with a bar and game center. It also has private cabanas and is a great way to spend your days in the water. Another popular thing is visiting the Aura Nightclub. The club is usually EXTREMELY crowded, but if you don’t mind this could be a fun experience for you. The Atlantis always pays for famous comedians and singers to perform in their theater. You can watch a movie, see a comedian or a famous singer in their huge theater. After all, it’s always a good idea to go to a bar or restaurant. Atlantis has over 40 restaurants and bars ranging from incredibly high end to low end and cheap. Be sure to check out some of the most popular bars like Bimini Road, Mesa Grill and Nobu. If you want to get out and do some physical activity, Atlantis has a great pool, tennis courts, and a world-class golf course that’s open to all guests. They also have a huge fitness center and spa. You can also go shopping in their fine luxury shops.


The professionals

  • You never have to leave the resort to experience the Bahamas. Everything is right for you at the resort. Snorkeling, beaches, swimming, clubs, golfing, as you call it. You will never have to go to experience it.
  • The pools, water parks and beaches are world class and are among the best you have ever experienced.
  • They do a good job by doing things for both children and adults so that both are happy.
  • The outlook is impeccable. You can see the entire paradise island from your room with a breathtaking view that you never want to leave.
  • The staff is very friendly. Each employee will treat you with respect and help you with any problems.
  • There are endless things to do. People say that every time they are there they experience something new. The things to do are endless.

The disadvantages

  • You can often feel like a number. Because of the size of the Atlantis, they do a very bad job and make you feel like the experience is about you, and you can often feel like one of many ants.
  • Especially if you go in winter, the Atlantis is VERY crowded. Even in the off-season, you’ll have to deal with thousands of other vacationers who live at the same time as you.
  • The Atlantis is extremely expensive. You can expect to pay more than $ 6 for a bottle of water, and that’s not even half of it. Drinks can cost up to $ 14 and the room itself can be very expensive. While most activities are free, you have to pay for things like Dolphin Cay and entertainment. If you are trying to save money on vacation, you shouldn’t even think about going to the Atlantis Resort.
  • Management is terrible at fixing problems. The size of the resort makes it difficult for management to address an issue in a timely manner. Just another reason why you will feel like a number.
  • The restaurants are crowded, overpriced and generally overrated. While they advertise with over 40 restaurants, they forget to tell you that you have to wait at least half an hour or more to get into one, and what’s worse, everything is overpriced just like the rest of the resort.


If you are planning a trip that focuses on your wallet and how much you can spend, DO NOT go to Atlantis. While it’s a fun experience, you’ll be paying through your nose all the time. If money is not an issue, you will have an incredible time dealing with accommodations and things.

Rounders reveals everything – Amazing gaming chair

The film Rounders shows two friends trying to work together to settle a massive debt that leads to all sorts of problems and problems for the couple. Nothing has changed today as players teamed up to make breakthrough profits, or the characters of Matt Damon & Edward Norton to pay off debts.

As with underground map rooms and the dangers and acts of violence shown in Rounders; Many players around the world face risky situations without returning. For some players, the film is an everyday reality that, together with another way of thinking, could have been avoided. Players in difficulty in today’s world have various support systems and many bankroll management guides to avoid these situations.

The bad guys in poker will always hide in underground illegal card rooms regardless of laws or possible outcomes. It just seems that casinos and legal spaces are just not enough for them, they seem to live on unnecessary risks and the company that comes with such risks.

As the Rounders story shows, many unethical poker activities take place without the security of legal online spaces and casinos. Collusion, fraud, spanking The list could be endless. It’s no surprise to anyone that casino and gaming laws exist for a reason! Would you like a Mafia Don? You win or lose your dead meat against him outside your country’s national security measures, and in fact there is nothing you can do about it. You made the bed you were lying in, just like the all-rounders. There can actually be a point of no return.

If we are not worried about the threat of violence, the emergence of debt, and other associated risks when playing out the limits of the Gambling Act, you might want to worry about the law itself. I don’t know what legal complications could have arisen for Mike McDermott and his mate. But nowadays they are HUGE. Not only for the illegal players, but of course also for the “runners” of the card room. Get caught and prosecuted with the full force of the law. One is really amazed at the benefits it has for someone who wants to participate in such activities.

I think the Rounders movie shows us some of the benefits of gambling from the limitations of our gambling laws around the world. However, one has to weigh these advantages against the opponent.

Taxes would be one. For a professional player, an illegal card room does not contain records of winnings (and their own debtors and earnings that are as far as possible from view). Winning daily in an unauthorized card room can be beneficial for tax evaders. On the other hand, tax evasion is only added to your list of criminal activities and is therefore not recommended.

The rake is much lower in illegal card rooms. Rake can be a killer in casinos, which has to do with the legal gambling houses that offer services such as merchants, waitresses and a perfect poker environment including security and an overall brilliant atmosphere. This brilliant atmosphere, which exists in some illegal rooms, does not benefit the player, but the owner. The security forces are generally not there to protect you as an example! As for the rake, although cheaper, feed the illegals and put yourself at risk of legal complications (yes, legal complications re-stated).

Outside of the website, another reason may be to play in an illegal card room. Many players do not want their live stats to be visible to everyone worldwide. Be it for private and unknown reasons or because the big T-word above is TAX. Confidentiality in illegal rooms is strict. See no evil, hear no evil, unlike 10,000 at your local casino, where everyone, Tom, Dick, and Harry can see your winnings, achievements, and losses.

Regardless, Rounders shows a real story again. A story that is spread all over the world. A story of despair of two young men who went the wrong way with an apparently non-returning path.

Most people in the casino gaming and online poker industries advise doing things right to avoid complicated clutter and problems. If you follow the laws, rules and regulations of gaming, you are unlikely to be hurt. I just weigh my decision without thinking too much about it. A trustworthy online gaming site will treat me better than an illegal card room owner who binds me to a chair and makes me beat for ten dollars!

Affection and Older Children – How to Increase Physical Affection at Home – The Best gaming chair

It is easy for young children to show affection. We suffocate our babies in kisses and hugs, but once children reach the age they are always on the move, parents can walk all day without touching their children. Research shows that 90% of parents hug their young children (under 3 years) daily, but only 50% of older children. But older children need just as much affection as young children.

“When I try to hug my 12-year-old daughter, she withdraws.” Complains Barb, a mother of 4 children. This is a common complaint from parents with older children. This resistance can lead to parents feeling rejected by their child and showing no further physical affection. This makes the child feel unloved.

But this resistance to affection is often nothing other than self-confidence and a sensitivity to everything that could be embarrassing. Older children still need the affirmation and affirmation that comes from receiving affection. The trick is to show affection in a way that your “Mushiness” radar doesn’t trigger. So, while a child could take a hug from dad at home, it would be terrifying if dad tried it on the soccer field! Another child might reject kisses altogether, but still enjoy the raw affection that comes with a wrestling or a soccer game. For example, my older children don’t like to be cuddled, but they can’t resist the offer of tickling the back or stroking their hair. So don’t give up showing affection – just change your tactics.

Strategies to Increase Affection at Home

1. Implement loving daily rituals of affection. By introducing rituals like kissing or hugging for good morning and good night, you instantly increase the chances of showing affection.

2. Conduct a family lesson every night. This is a time when the family comes together, preferably with the TV off. This creates a feeling of family unity and offers the opportunity to be physically close. Listen to music, play backgammon, rub your feet – there are many things you can do to connect when you’re all in the same room together.

3. Regularly take a child or the whole family on walks in the neighborhood. This ritual of walking the dog or simply exploring the neighborhood offers opportunities for personal conversation and intimacy, which often leads to physical affection in a natural way. While my 13 year old usually resists my hugs, I find that she is happy to put my arm around her shoulders while we walk and talk to the dog.

4. Have time for family sports. Games like soccer or tennis and bowling offer opportunities for physical affection and attachment without the mushiness that older children are afraid of. Even Wii Sports can be an opportunity to connect and laugh with your kids. The sight of their parents trying to snowboard down a virtual hill usually reduces my kids to hysteria.

5. Create night routines. Read a book in a chair together, sit on the bed for a few minutes before bed, tickle your back – you can do many routines that take just a few minutes, but allow you to connect physically and emotionally.

6. Develop a secret code that only you both know. I share a special gesture with my children that they know means “I love you”. I use it when I drop her off at school so I don’t embarrass her with a loving display. They roll their eyes, but it also makes them grin, so I know they secretly like it!

7. Get home early at least once a week to have fun with your children. Take them swimming, play a game of ball – develop a regular weekly routine to look forward to. When I look back, I can remember our excitement when Dad came home from work every day. My brother and I knew that the fun part of the afternoon started. He took us swimming or walking or inventing games to play – all of which gave us plenty of opportunities for physical contact and affection. It’s a shame that today’s long working days are a thing of the past. However, if you can do this once a week, your children can look forward to it.

8. Put a reminder on the fridge – “Did I hug my kids today?” Don’t let the hectic daily routine oversee how you physically connect with your children. Show affection whenever there is an opportunity. Squeeze her shoulder as you walk past, curl her hair, tickle her, challenge her to a ring of fingers … There are many ways to show affection to your child without embarrassing them.

9. Take time out every month for an excursion or activity with just one of your children. You have to build a special relationship with each child. The one-on-one conversation offers the opportunity to be close by, be it a walk, a milkshake or a shopping expedition.

By continuing to show affection when children grow up, you increase the likelihood that they will grow up to adults who can easily show affection. So stay tuned and one day you will be pleasantly surprised when your child turns and hugs you!

Every supply chain should have a cloud computing silver lining – Awesome gaming chairs

When it comes to the latest developments in software technology, logistics and transport managers are usually at the end of the queue. There are many reasons for this – and one common reason is that manufacturing and ERP applications take precedence – and when these wishes were fulfilled, the logisticians who wanted to make the operation more efficient had relatively little budget left

However, this is changing now. The current hot technology is internet cloud computing. Not only will this change the way we use all computer technology at work and at home, but supply chain operations are among the earliest beneficiaries.

What is cloud computing and how does it revolutionize our business processes? And how new is it really? The concept of the cloud has its roots in the beginnings of the Internet as a business tool – and we sometimes forget that these days are not that long ago.

In the late 1990s, IBM introduced the concept of – the internet for companies and not just as a gaming and surfing tool for young people. There was a time when presentations, articles, and articles on the Internet were incomplete without a diagram of a cloud that represented the ether in which the information was exchanged. During my ten years with IBM EMEA’s Global Services Management Consulting Group, all of my presentations had at least one cloud appearance.

In the past ten years, the internet cloud concept has undergone several developments – and finally closed the loop and has returned as “cloud computing”. In the meantime, it has seen life as web-enabled technology; web-enabled applications; On-demand computing; Internet services; and utility computing.

The concept was developed and with the advent of Web 2.0 technology – and more recently Web 3.0 – the improvements were quick, leading to Software as a Service (SaaS) and eventually cloud computing.

What’s in a name Quite a lot in the case of cloud computing. All other services struggled to gain traction. Non-IT managers just didn’t understand it and IT managers hesitated to promote technology that could undermine their role as technology administrators.

In fact, there is no significant difference between cloud computing and its predecessor (in the name) Software as a Service. The cloud terminology appears to have been created by Microsoft – as a marketing term that makes the concept more understandable (and helps people like me to recycle my old slides and diagrams!). The term has been accepted by other industry giants such as Oracle and IBM, as well as all major IT consulting companies.

So what is different about the concept? Cloud computing moves computing from the desktop to remote computers. Various computer devices such as personal computers, personal digital assistants, handheld devices and mobile phones connect to remote computers via wired or wireless connections. The investment in licenses, maintenance of the infrastructure and upgrades lies with the application service provider, not with the user. The service is usually paid for from the operating budget – since no investments are made. This makes approval quicker and easier.

This simple explanation shows why the cloud is so important for supply chain management. and also why there is more development and acceptance in the supply chain than in manufacturing. It also explains why budgets aren’t the overwhelming constraint they used to be – service is often paid for from an operating budget, making approval quicker and easier.

For supply chains to work effectively and efficiently, real-time knowledge sharing and the ability to work with external and internal partners – suppliers, customers, logistics companies – to manage events in real time is critical. However, this has never been achieved before. The cloud offers this function – without investments and with costs that are directly related to the level of business that you operate.

Manufacturing processes do not benefit to the same extent as supply chain processes. The ability to share event information with partners in real time is not normally required in supply chains, although it is critical in supply chains. In addition, manufacturing processes can often only be found in product lines and often in individual companies.

Processes in the supply chain and especially in logistics are shared in many industries and most product lines. They follow the same basic principles and goals and use similar resources. Although there are differences, they are not as radical as in manufacturing.

Where did cloud computing or software as a service (SaaS) find willing users? The first breakthrough was with SalesForce, and success was quick when this sales and lead management application moved from the desktop to the Internet. Since then, CRM, personnel management and email services have quickly migrated from the desktop to the cloud.

What about supply chain applications? These are developing rapidly and it is good to see that British companies are among the world’s leading companies. A leading example of this is Deltion, based in Feltham, – provider of CarrierNetOnline (CNO) software as a service.

CNO is a logistics and transport management system that is only available on the Internet. Users pay on a transaction basis and only for the features they need. The transaction costs increase with the growth of the business. Users who find that current market conditions mean less freight carried will pay less until the business turns.

CNO users include industry giants such as UPS and TDG. The most recent contracts include a well-known food producer and one of the country’s largest suppliers to the construction trade. Smaller fleet operators are also users who benefit from low transaction-related fees.

Logixcentral is an internet-based solution from the traditional British company DPS International in Birmingham. This is a cloud computing version of the long-established LogiX routing and planning solution from DPS. It has proven to be successful not only for logistics companies and internal freight companies, but also for companies in the service sector that offer services based on cars and vans.

Another success story of the cloud hosted supply chain is OmPrompt in Oxford, UK – OmPrompt was founded to create 100% truly networked trading communities regardless of the technical skills of the trading partners, to provide more efficient EDI solutions and to automate manual processes or message flows. OmPrompt is characterized by its ability to quickly include trading partners in trading communities.

So is the technology cloud here to stay? Industry analysts Gartner believe in it. In a survey published in December 2008, they reported that almost 90% of the companies surveyed assume that they will continue to use or expand SaaS. The companies cited cost efficiency and simple and fast deployment as the main reasons for the introduction of SaaS.

More than a third of respondents said they had plans to move from local to SaaS. In addition to changes in the procurement strategy, the main drivers included total cost of ownership and unfulfilled performance expectations with local solutions.

What does the cloud have in store for supply chain applications? I believe that cloud computing managers across the supply chain have the opportunity to catch up with the technological advances that other businesses have enjoyed for many years: at a lower cost; without investments; Avoid business disruption; and without significant consulting and implementation fees. We are entering a new era of supply chain and logistics technology – and this cloud has a silver lining.

Basement home theater designs (from preparation to layout) – Awesome best gaming chair

Did you notice that more and more households are enjoying basement home cinemas? These are becoming more common because they can provide a great deal of entertainment for the whole family. If you sell your home in a few years, this part of your home will also increase its resale value. If you’re one of the few lucky people who have something like space in your home, then it’s time to consider a few home theater designs in the basement.

Prepare the basement

Before deciding on the design that works best for you and your family, consider where your entertainment area is perfect. This must be in the middle of a finished basement.

Be sure to pay attention to sound and light as these two are the main features of your home theater in the basement. If you are having trouble letting natural light into this part of your home, this is understandable as such spaces are often underground. Use the right types of lighting fixtures for your home theater – find the ones that are not glaring (as they can affect the display quality) and are able to illuminate the things you want to see (e.g. where they are located) DVDs should be located)).

Dimmers are quite functional in the home theater in the basement. In fact, they can form part of the overall design. If your basement originally had multiple windows, check if you can close some of them. Light affects your perception of video quality. Therefore, limit the number of windows in your basement.

If the basement is equipped with an oven, this is a great source of light. Just make sure you can control the illuminance when needed.

Also find out how to install a vent.

Next, install dark curtain colors for all windows. Make sure your walls are soundproofed with materials in the wall, soundproofing carpets, custom drywall, or soundproofing curtains. Set up your acoustics well. Remember that poor sound quality can lead to your non-enjoyment. Surround sound your basement home theater as much as possible.

You must also consider the audiovisual and technical aspects of your home theater in the basement. Customized wiring is a must for home theaters. Let an electrician help you with your video, lighting, internet and audio access. These are important for video streaming and online games.

Although wires are important, you don’t want to expose a bundle of them on the carpet. Messy wiring can easily become an eyesore and a safety hazard. Hide the wiring by placing it in the drywall of the basement. Remember, the more complex your wiring system is, the more complicated it is to hide the whole bunch.

Now the interiors …

If the electronic material is available, you can continue planning the interior. Again, the layout and scope of your home theater in the basement depend on the furniture and accessories you want to buy.

Larger home theaters can have the freedom to emulate real cinemas with stadium seating.

After placing the screen at the best possible angle, it’s time to consider the seating arrangement. You can choose sofas or individual chairs. Designer sofas can improve the theater feeling in a room. If you put them on the wall, you save a lot of space. Chairs – especially the lounge chairs – are the most comfortable that you can place in the latest addition to your home.

Think of these home theater designs in the basement, and you’re sure to have plenty of moments to watch movies in.

Confused? Medium or long hairstyles – The Best gaming chairs

Most celluloid celebrities do it. Cricket players, soccer players and tennis players do it. Professionals like musicians, poets, drummers, guitarists, especially rock stars, do it. Lots of politicians have been on the news lately, playing great hairstyles, and now schoolchildren and young married boys are not shy either.

It is certainly true that most men find sporty long hair to be “stylish” and “extravagant”. However, there are different views on the subject of demography. For example, girls don’t seem to agree overwhelmingly.

Speaking of men, even a decent percentage of men aren’t very interested in long hair. There could be many reasons. Most believe that long hair is difficult to maintain, especially for a man. While those who wear long hair will surely take a different position. Most people who like their long hair feel that it makes them appear inviting and liberated.

Another type of people who always have a little to do with children who grow their hair long are the parents. Most parents who talk to each other psychologically are a little concerned about their children doing everything that is unusual, and so there is the great result of the hesitation.

But short or long hair both have their successes and mistakes. While guys from both classes keep giving reasons to push their hairstyle choices, the truth is that everything only fits a personality if they feel comfortable. So guys, if you’re short, keep it short if you want to keep it rolling for a long time; Keep it that way, because all you choose is your choice, your life, and your decision.

The hairstyle is a must for anyone who helps with care. In fact, haircut and hairstyle represent the entire process of hair cutting and styling. A decent hairstyle signals in particular the cultural, social and ethnic identity. It is the hairstyle that helps to adapt to certain cultural standards of the male and female genders. The hairstyle varies with current fashion trends and is very often used to determine social status. The hairstyle is an essential interest of everyday and fashion. It shows your own personality. As the name suggests, the hairstyle is the best grooming process to make yourself attractive to others in society. In today’s life, different types of hairstyles have an immense influence on today’s culture.

There are many hairstyles and each type of hairstyle explicitly depends on how a person wears it. Indeed, everyone knows that one type of haircut suits one and not the other. Therefore, not everyone can ask for the same hairstyle if it doesn’t suit them. Hairstyles vary from short, medium or long hair size. So the hairstyle depends on the length of the hair. Likewise, different occasions require different types of hairstyles. It can look ridiculous to wear the same hairstyle for work and partying.

implies factors of hairstyle

Sex is a factor that supports the hairstyle. The hairstyle also has a unisex function, and consequently both men and women can choose from modern hairstyles depending on the type of hair and the variety of occasions. Hair quality is also important to get proper attention before deciding on a decent hairstyle. The length of the hair is also important for hair styling. In addition, the color of the hair and the accessories used show their own character. So a perfect hairstyle gives your own life and personality more glamor.

The hairstyle starts from the most classic to the most current. Celebrities take a lot into account in the way of hairstyle in this aspect, as most people are trending to copy the hairstyles of many famous celebrities. It can be classified here that primarily the teenagers are very much in the running to follow the celebrity styles.

Modern hairstyle:

There are different types of hairstyles to choose from. It doesn’t mean whether you have short or long hair. The hairstyles are varied and match the hair. In fact, people who live in different countries have a different type of hairstyle. Some of the well-known and popular types of hairstyles are:

Afro: Afro is a very popular hairstyle for people of Melanesian and African origin. Afro hairstyle is very representative of the black ethnic pride.

Bantu: is another type of hairstyle of African origin that consists of several small buns that are attached around the head.

Quiff: A hairstyle in which part of the hair sits high on the head.

Ponytail: is a type of hairstyle in which most of the hair is pulled away from the face and put together at the back.

Perm: is a chemically produced form of curling natural, straight and straight hair. which is made electrically with a device similar to an electric chair; For Africans and Americans, the perm is the straight or large wavy look created by chemical relaxation agents.

Moptop: a shaggy and rough shape of a straight cut with the straight edge over the ears.

Side part: A hairstyle in which the hair is parted on the side, not in the middle.

Spiked: A hairstyle in which “daily” hairspray, gel or wax is applied to the hair and put in a number of designs that vary from large to small.

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With thousands of exercise machines on the market, choosing equipment for a commercial fitness center can be challenging. It can be particularly difficult to figure out what kind of equipment to buy and how many of each to buy. The right mix of equipment is crucial for a successful fitness center or gym. So it’s worth sitting down and finding out the needs of the gym’s customers. Commercial fitness centers in schools may have different requirements than in a hotel or condominium complex. Developers should take this into account. For example, some centers may need a wide range of strength training equipment for advanced athletes or bodybuilders, while others may need more basics for beginners.

There are some types of exercise equipment that every good commercial fitness center or gym should have. Weight training equipment such as weight training equipment or dumbbells are a standard part of most fitness studios. For weight lifting, gym owners should consider a bench press, a squat, and a leg press. If space and budget allow, additional strength training equipment or stations can be added. There are a variety of devices for strengthening and toning certain parts of the body. Only a sample includes an inclined bench press, a bicep curl machine, a leg extension machine, a leg lift chair, a power stand or a forging machine. Racks and benches are essential for advanced weight lifting users as they are required for popular elevators such as squats and bench presses.

All-in-one gyms that allow multiple exercises with a single device are popular options for gyms with limited space. It is important that there is enough space around these devices so that each station can be used properly. These machines are available in various sizes and configurations, often with a choice of weight stacks and attachments. In addition, commercial fitness centers require a wide range of free weights, free weights, and weight bars in a variety of weights. In this way, many users with different strength and fitness levels can use the strength training equipment. A special area of ​​the fitness room should be set up for free-weight exercises with a padded gym floor and suitable exercise room to ensure the comfort and safety of clients during exercise.

When purchasing these devices, it is important to choose high quality commercial fitness equipment. This type of equipment is designed for heavy, repeated use and is much more durable than household appliances. While home devices may be less expensive to start with, they are more likely to fail in a heavy-duty environment, leading to high replacement costs. Also consider the weight specifications when choosing equipment for a commercial fitness center. If the population using the center is strong or obese, it is important to choose equipment that is specifically designed for heavier weights.

Finally, most gyms and gyms should have cardio exercise equipment. The most popular cardio exercise machine is the treadmill. If space permits, consider using more than one treadmill to minimize customer waiting times. Other cardio machines to consider include ellipticals, exercise bikes, recumbent bikes, steppers and climbers, and rowing machines. Again, it is recommended to buy commercial versions of these products if the fitness center’s gym is shared by multiple people.

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After so many cruises on Silversea cruises, I struggled with what to say about our 14-day transatlantic sailing that hasn’t been said yet. If you want to learn more about the incredible Silversea service, you can go back to our first sailing on Silver Whisper in 2002. Fast forward to 2009 if you want to read about an unforgettable birthday dinner in Le Champagne on my birthday on Silberwind in Africa during my cruise. And if you want to know how we feel about Silver Spirit, we were on it in 2010 when we drove from Santiago, Chile to Acapulco, Mexico. What can we possibly say about Silversea that we haven’t said yet? Cruise ratings, however, are snapshots. A cruise line or ship can be great in one year and not so great in the next. As ships age, crew members come and go and the dynamics can change. So if a cruise line like Silversea “does everything right” year after year, it is more than remarkable historical. And let’s face it: some things just have to be repeated.

When we arrived at the pier in Bridgetown, Barbados, to board Silver Spirit, it really felt like we were coming home. We see crew members that we remember about past cruises over the years, and many remember our names. Even some of the other guests seem familiar to us and we know that we have sailed with them on Silversea before. So we weren’t too surprised when Roland, our excellent butler on Silver Shadow last year in China, greeted us when we arrived in our beautiful Silver Suite (1106) this year.

Embarkation on Silversea is always smooth. Why not welcome every cruise line with a glass of champagne on board? I don’t know, do I? Someone? Good? Just know that Silversea does and always has. We were escorted to our Silver Suite within five minutes of boarding. Coming “home” couldn’t be easier.


Silver Spirit is the newest and largest ship in the Silversea fleet, which entered service in 2010. We initially asked ourselves whether Silversea could offer the same service on a ship with 540 guests. Don’t worry, Silversea offers excellent service regardless of the ship. The ship is masterfully constructed so that it doesn’t “feel” bigger than the other, smaller ships. The public spaces are spacious and comfortable. The interior of the ship reflects an Art Deco design and offers more works of art than other Silversea ships. Silver Spirit is elegant without being showy.


Silversea has always been known for its spacious and luxurious accommodations. Even the most modest accommodations on Silversea deserve to be called “suites”. However, the Silver Suite on Silver Spirit raises the bar for great design and comfort. While the Silver Suites aren’t the largest suites on Silver Spirit, at 742 square feet they’re more than twice the size of the simple veranda suites.

The 26 Silver Suites on Silver Spirit dominate decks 10 and 11 and give residents the feeling of being at the concierge level of a luxury hotel. Even the Observation Lounge on Deck 11 Forward feels like a private retreat for Silver Suite guests, but is of course available to every guest.

When entering the Silver Suite, guests walk down a hallway to the living room, where there is a round dining table that can comfortably accommodate four people. The table appears to hold a sheet that makes it bigger and offers more space. A very comfortable desk was soon used up by my MacBook Pro, iPod and other devices. The desk has four drawers and two large shelves. The only thing missing are more sockets, a general oversight by the ship’s designers. There is only a single 110 US outlet on the desk. A small desk lamp and direct dial phone are the only items that occupy the desk.

On the outside wall of the living room there is a mini fridge / bar / TV cabinet with two large sliding glass doors on both sides. A sophisticated espresso machine and equipment take up most of the table space on this device. Since I am not an espresso drinker, I soon found that the machine and the tray with the espresso cups fit perfectly on the two shelves of the desk unit. More space for my electronic equipment!

Opposite the dining table is the suite’s large sofa (which also becomes an extra bed), two chairs and a glass-topped coffee table. The high-tech CD player / stereo system from Bang & Olufsen is located on a small side table. A beautiful fresh flower arrangement adorned our coffee table.

Two large wooden sliding doors can be closed to completely isolate the master bedroom from all activities in the living room. This is handy for the early morning when I work on the computer, drink my coffee and watch Fox News while Rickee is sleeping. I say “master bedroom” because the living room can be converted into a bedroom via the sofa bed. The bedroom is spacious, elegant and very well laid out. The comfortable king-size bed is flanked by two side tables with lamps. A large make-up / washstand with a large mirror is located next to the bed and outside the traffic areas. Opposite the bed is another flat screen TV and a storage unit with multiple shelves hidden behind doors.

Storage is the strength of the Silver Suite: the huge walk-in closet is simply incredible and will even make the residents of the Owner’s Suite jealous. In the Silver Suite, you no longer have to worry about running out of space. There are shelves, drawers and plenty of hanging space everywhere. A digital safe is on a shelf that has all of my camera and video equipment in it, and I get a lot of it.

Everything about the bathroom design is almost perfect. We can overlook the awkward operation of the ship sinks and are only happy that there are two of them, not to mention a third in the guest toilet! A large shower cubicle with rich Italian marble is spacious and has a handheld sprayer (my favorite) and a rain shower head (Rickees favorite) that is mounted in the ceiling. The shower even has a seat! A large whirlpool tub can be used for a relaxing bubble bath, and that’s about it. We had the choice between Ferragamo, Neutrogena or Bvlgari.

A separate “guest toilet” with toilet and sink is accessible from the bathroom and hallway of the suite. Because the powder room is accessible from the hallway, guests who visit your suite or other people who share the fold-out sofa bed can access it without entering your private bedroom.

From the living room there are two large sliding glass doors that lead to a very spacious and well furnished veranda. Our veranda was furnished with a lounger, three wicker chairs, a large wicker and a small glass table, perfect for outdoors Breakfast service.

After 14 days and nights in a Silver Suite, I have to say that my rating table for comfort and design easily gives 5 out of 5 points. It has more to offer than practically any other suite we have enjoyed. In fact, the Silver Suite is so comfortable and spacious that it really feels like a home away from home.


Rickee and I are something like “experienced” cruisers. After all, it’s ours business. We no longer think it is necessary to have everything in sight when we are on a cruise. In fact, we try to maintain a fairly normal eating routine, similar to that we have at home. There are nights when you don’t even go out for dinner and choose to stay in our suite and have a light meal with room service. Fortunately, this is possible on Silversea. I can call Roland, our butler, at 7:00 p.m. and order a chicken caesar salad (one of my favorites). A bowl of soup and rickee might get an order of Asian spring rolls and a salad, and that’s it! I know it sounds boring, but it is something we like and Silversea makes it possible.

Our breakfast usually consists of Roland, who brings me hot water for my coffee, and Rickee, who gets extra sleep instead of food. While most guests enjoy everything that the fantastic breakfast buffet from La Terrazza has to offer, we are in our suite and in our pajamas. On port days, as we have to get up early for a trip, we drive to La Terrazza and have eggs made to order, English bacon and Rickee like pancakes. She also loves fresh fruit and there is plenty in La Terrazza. I have to hurry past the mountains of bread and pastries to appease the low-carb master I reluctantly serve. We always have breakfast in the restaurant on the day of disembarkation. It is our tradition and we will not change it.

We usually go to La Terrazza for lunch and Rickee often enjoys nothing more than the excellent selection of salads. I spend a lot of time at the meat stations, paying special attention to the oriental dish of the day. Of course, they have everything everyone can ask for from their beautiful buffet: a carving station that is switched to a new roasted meat every day; fresh pasta made to order; and yes, the mountain o bread … my wicked seductress.


The restaurant is the traditional “cruise ship” on Silversea ships. However, the “traditional” term ends with the practice of offering three meals a day with daily changing lunch and dinner menus. The restaurant on Silver Spirit is very inviting and offers plenty of seating for two if you want a little personal space. You can dine at any time and with whom (within the specified service times). Reservation is not required.

The majority of guests bypass the restaurant at breakfast and lunch, opting for the tempting selection at La Terrazza and the convenience of a buffet. In addition, dining on deck is a strong draw when the weather is nice. If you prefer to dine in quiet solitude, visit the restaurant during this time. The service in the restaurant, like all restaurants in Silversea, is clear and efficient. A free red or white wine is offered for lunch or dinner. If the offer does not meet your needs, …