An ergonomic workstation to avoid back pain – Awesome office chair

Back pain is an everyday problem and affects almost every one of us. One way to avoid or overcome back pain is to maintain the recommended posture in daily activities.

Just like at home, while driving, or even outdoors, you have to try to make sure that he maintains the correct posture in his office or at work. Sitting in the office chair for a long time is one of the main reasons that lead to back pain or even worsen the existing back pain. This is mainly because someone sitting on the office chair takes a static posture and this can cause stress in the back, legs, shoulders and arms.

So when you are sitting on the office chair it is advisable to maintain the correct posture, and the same can do a great deal to prevent back pain. People sometimes tend to sit down in the office chair, but this can put excessive strain on the intervertebral discs and structures that surround the spine, and worsen back pain accordingly.

So if you use the office chair, you have to make sure that you use the back support optimally. And you have to adapt the chair to your own body requirements, as this not only increases comfort, but also ensures that the spine is less uncomfortable.

This could start with the office chair being adjusted to the correct height, and this would largely depend on the size of a person and also the height of the desk. You have to adjust the height of the office chair so that you are sitting at your workplace with your arms parallel to the spine. The elbow should rest on the desk at an angle of 90 °. Likewise, when sitting at a desk, you have to be able to slide your fingers lightly under your thighs. If this is not the case, a footrest could be used, which makes the workstation more ergonomic. Alternatively, if you are exceptionally tall and there is more than a finger gap between your thighs and the chair, you need to increase the height of the chair to make the appropriate adjustments.

Supporting the lower back is also extremely important to ensure that you feel comfortable in the office chair and to avoid back pain accordingly. You could keep a pillow to support your lower back, and while this would slightly bend your lower back, it would also ensure that you don’t lean forward if you feel tired over time. Leaning forward can cause back pain as it puts strain on the spine and even the intervertebral discs.

The computer screen should also be positioned so that your gaze falls exactly on the center of the screen. This would minimize back strain. Likewise, the armrest of the office chair should be adjusted so that you should lift your shoulders slightly when you put your elbows on the armrest. While this would make your upper back more comfortable, it would also reduce the likelihood of you leaning forward when working at your desk.

Even if you use a very comfortable office chair, sitting in the same position for a long time can strain the spine. It is always better to run at least a few minutes every half hour. If you could take a 20-minute walk every now and then, it would bring the important nutrients into your spine and promote better spinal health.

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