Aeron Chair story – Great office chair

The Aeron Chair is a specially developed office chair that is known to be both convenient to use and long-term beneficial to the posture and health of the user. The Aeron Chair was designed back in 1994 when Herman Miller signed Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf to create a breakthrough chair in the same league as the Equa Chair, another popular creation by the two employees. The two designers, based mainly on their ideals of what a chair should be for a user, started from scratch and developed an excellent ergonomic chair that performs well in both form and function. This time, the collaboration between the two designers resulted in a chair that not only looked great and unique, but also took care of the health of the user, and all of that beyond its main function of providing seating. The chair is currently being marketed by Herman Miller and is specifically designed for general office and computer use, as well as for meetings and conferences.

The main offering of the Aeron Chair that sets it apart from other office chairs is its design. The chair has a special ergonomic design that offers the user an excellent fit. There are three different fits for different users, from small to larger. The chair can even be adjusted to provide additional support for the lumbar spine and posture, especially with its PostureFit system. Apart from that, a strong suspension system called Pellicle is used, which reduces the weight in the lower back area. The pellicle system enables this by using a flexible mesh material that conforms to and adapts to the shape and structure of the user, so that the pressure on the impact areas is minimized. An additional advantage of the pellicle system is that the material used in the chair is a mesh material, which means that air can pass through it. The user not only feels very comfortable in terms of posture, but also stays cool after sitting in the chair for hours.

Another great feature of the chair is that it leans naturally so that the user can enjoy a smooth ride. This tilting movement is even called Kinemat tilt. The focus of this tendency is to ensure that the user can easily lean back and lean forward. To ensure comfort, the seat shell and the backrest move synchronously to ensure that all important areas are well protected. The chair was also designed to react independently to the movements and posture of the user.

In addition, the Aeron Chair is known for its classic but modern appearance, which gives it an appearance that fits easily into any office environment. The chair is also available in three neutral pellicle colors to ensure you get the best chair for your office. Apart from that, it has different surfaces for the base and frame, so you can find the perfect surface for the pellicle color you choose.

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